Source Documents  
Pre-battle Documents
CinC U.S. Pacific Fleet. Operation Plan No. 29-42 CinC U.S. Pacific Fleet. Letter. May 28, 1942 Commander Patrol Wing 2. Memorandum. May 23, 1942 Commander Patrol Squadron 44. Operation Plan Com. Officer 6th Defense Bn. F.M.F. Instruction No.3-42
Action Reports
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet. June 28, 1942 Commander Task Force SIXTEEN. June 16, 1942 Commander Task Force SEVENTEEN. June 14, 1942 Com. Officer U.S.S. YORKTOWN (CV-5). June 18, 1942 Com. Officer U.S.S. ENTERPRISE (CV-6). June 8, 1942 Com. Officer U.S.S. ENTERPRISE (CV-6). June 13, 1942 Com. Officer U.S.S. HORNET (CV-8). June 13, 1942 Commander Bombing  Squadron 3 (VB-3). June 10, 1942 Commander Scouting Squadron 5 (VS-5). June 7,   1942 Commander Bombing  Squadron 6 (VB-6). June 10, 1942 Commander Scouting Squadron 6 (VS-6). June 20, 1942 Com. Officer Naval Air Station, Midway. June 18, 1942 Op. Officer Naval Air Station, Midway. June 15, 1942 Com. Officer 6th Defense Bn., F.M.F. June 13, 1942 Com. Officer Marine Aircraft Group 22. June 7, 1942 Exec. Officer Marine Aircraft Group 22. June 7, 1942 Com. Officer Marine Fighting Squadron 221. June 6, 1942 Com. Officer Marine Scout-Bombing 241. June 12, 1942
War Diaries, Logs
Naval Air Station, Midway. War Diary, May 1-29, 1942 Naval Air Station, Midway. War Diary, Battle of Midway U.S.S. ENTERPRISE (CV-6). War Diary. June 1942 U.S.S. HORNET (CV-8). Deck Logs. June 4 - June 6, 1942
Early Researches
ONI Combat Narratives: Battle of Midway, 1943 The Japanese Story of the Battle of Midway, 1947 Richard W. Bates, Naval War College, 1948
Source Documents

Even the most brilliant and thorough studies will only give you the facts that were deemed important by their authors. The conclusions they draw will be based solely on those facts. At the same time, there is always a possibility that they overlooked or simply ignored as insignificant some important details. There is only one way to put together your own picture of the events, and that is to study the primary so­urces yourself. To that end I’m trying to gather in one place as many of the Battle of Midway related primary sources—war diaries, action reports, etc.—as possible. I hope that my constantly expanding collection of documents will help you, as well.

Note: The documents have been converted into HTML text and were formatted as closely as possible in the style of the original typescripts. But keep in mind that this resource is of help only at the initial stage of study (with text searches, etc.). For citations you should definitely consult the original materials located in archives, or at least the scans of the originals.

Wanted Documents.
These documents are wanted in any form, but preferably in form of scanned originals (for U.S. official documents).
  1. Commander, Fighting Squadron SIX to Commander ENTERPRISE Air Group. June 8, 1942. Subject: Narrative of Events 4-6 June 1942.
  2. Commander, Bombing Squadron EIGHT to CO U.S.S. HORNET. June 7, 1942 Subject: Action Report 5-6 June,1942
  3. U.S.S. YORKTOWN (CV-5) Deck Logs of June 4 - June 6, 1942.
  4. U.S.S. ENTERPRISE (CV-6) Deck Logs of June 4 - June 6, 1942.
  5. Operational orders and records for the Battle of Midway, June 12, 1942. CVs AKAGI, KAGA, SORYU, HIRYU.
  6. Detailed action report CV KAGA, 5 June, 1942.
  7. Detailed action report CV SORYU, 27 May - 5 June, 1942.
  8. Detailed action report CV HIRYU, 27 May - 6 June, 1942.
  9. “The Midway Operation: DesRon 10, Mine Sweep Div 16, CV AKAGI, CV KAGA, CVL SORYU, and CVL HIRYU.” Extract Translation from DOC No. 160985B-MC 397.901. (translated carrier air group reports for AKAGI, KAGA, SORYU, and HIRYU).